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Do you have questions about how live management or TikTok works? Want an estimate of how much you could earn with TikTok?

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Do you want to know how much you have earned or will earn as a TikTok Live Creator? Our calculator will help you to calculate your earnings based on the diamonds you have earned.


You can enter the number of diamonds you have earned so far in the input field and our calculator will automatically convert the number of diamonds into US dollars based on the current exchange rate (1 diamond = 0.005 USD). One TikTok coin is equal to half a diamond!

Please note that our calculator is based on the current exchange rate and may not reflect the actual amount you will earn with TikTok. However, it can give you a rough estimate of your earnings and help you plan your content creation strategy.

Try our TikTok earnings calculator and find out how much you can earn with your diamonds!





If you don't find the answer to your question below, you can always contact us!

  • What is a Live Manager?
    A Live Manager on Tiktok is there to support you in your Livestream. He discusses your live analysis with you, gives coaching for e.g. events, ranking, background design and how you can win more viewers for your livestream. Of course, he will also help you with problems and errors. Finally you have a direct contact to Tiktok and don't have to rely on the e-mail support at Tiktok like in the past.
  • Does a Live Manager cost anything?
    No, we are available to you completely free of charge and are paid by Tiktok through our cooperation relationship. All coins that you earn in the livestream remain 100% with you as before. You are also not contractually bound, and can leave the live management at any time.
  • What requirements do I have to fulfill to get a Live Manager?
    You should have between 800 and 1,000,000 followers You are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland You should be willing to go LIVE at least 7 times per month (over 60 minutes each time) and reach a total of at least 15 hours per month You are over 18 years old
  • What happens if I am wrongly banned from the TikTok Livestream?
    If you are unjustifiably blocked and you are in our live management agency at the time, we can of course submit a request for you to be unblocked. As a rule, these are always granted, provided of course that no serious offence has been committed.
  • Certain functions are not available to me in the livestream, can anything be done about this?
    Of course, it always depends on the feature, but in most cases we can request this feature for you from TikTok.
  • My mobile phone number or e-mail on Tiktok is out of date and I cannot make a withdrawal or change the number. What can I do?
    A live manager is also responsible for such a case. If you have this problem and are with us at the agency, we can of course open a case and have the mobile phone number or email changed.
  • Where can I find the invitation code?
    Go to the TikTok app: Go to your Profile > Menu > Creator Tools > Live Center > Agency Center to get code.
  • What is a Stream Key and what is it used for?
    A Stream Key is a code that is used to access TikTok Live. You can connect to various streaming software such as OBS. Specifically for TikTok, a Stream Key allows you to stream from your PC, which you can use instead of TikTok Live Studio. You also have the option of projecting a multistream on several platforms at the same time. ​ With a TikTok Stream Key, you can instantly make your livestream more professional. You can do things like highlight individual comments on the screen, completely customize the design and content of your stream with banners, overlays, logos, custom layouts and stickers, and share your screen.
  • How to get a Stream Key for your TikTok Live?
    TikTok generally does not accept direct requests from creators who need a stream key. Joining a TikTok partner agency like us is the best way to get one. ​ Of course, that's not your only benefit of joining our agency. Not only can we help you get a stream key, but you also have all the other benefits such as 1:1 coaching, access to exclusive live events on TikTok and direct support for questions and problems. The best part is that it's completely FREE for you! As a TikTok partner, we can offer all these services exclusively. Apply for our agency now and we will be happy to send you more information!



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